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We work with wellness entrepreneurs and value-based businesses to strategize, brand and build online businesses that shine.

Good Karma Works is a boutique agency that offers business strategy, web design and branding services to the wellness community.

With our unique combination of expertise in wellness + design, we empower our fellow wellness entrepreneurs to make their dream business a reality, and in doing so support our collective mission to heal the world.

Can we get an ‘AMEN’?

02. The origins

Our backstory

Angela founded Good Karma Works on the belief that by supporting a network of other wellness warriors, she and her team are helping others to make an impact with a higher purpose.

Being a wellness professional herself with a background in web analytics, targeted marketing plus actively engaging online communities, Angela attracted many wellness clients who were amazingly talented healers but lacked the technological know-how to build their online presence.

The concept for Good Karma Works evolved naturally, as Angela saw that she not only had a knack for breaking down the process of developing a brand or website, but how much her clients and her just ‘got each other’.

03. The people

Meet the team

Angela is the founder & CEO of Good Karma Works.

Previously a yoga instructor & massage therapist for 8 years, she knows firsthand the challenges that come along with creating a wellness business from scratch. She now runs a fierce team of female creatives that combine their design & wellness industry expertise in empowering dozens of wellpreneurs to feel confident about their brand & website.

Angela describes herself as a curious soul, always seeking out new skills. Her curiousity lately has led her to Aerial hoop, perfecting a seed cracker recipe & candle-making.

Rachel is the Creative Director and has been with Good Karma since the beginning. She has over a decade of design know-how and loves nothing more than helping fellow wellness entrepreneurs build eye-catching brands & websites. She is also excited to be working on 2D animation projects with clients to uplevel their visual presence.

Rachel is now a mother of two and loves having Auntie Ang living right down the street in Borne. Before the glasses come on, her passions include biking around outside, yoga, haikus and nut-butters.

Bethany is a website developer and technical virtual assistant with 4 years experience who assists development, design and any technical projects. Bethany loves to work with well aligned brands and thoroughly enjoys helping brands increase traffic to their website through SEO!

Based in the UK, Bethany’s favourite thing to do in the day is go for an extra long walk, listening to a light hearted podcast and drinking a smoothie packed with goodness!

Trust in your path to make a positive impact

And confidently leave the rest to us…

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