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About our Agency

Web, Design & Branding for wellness professionals, by wellness professionals.

With our unique combination of expertise in wellness + design, we can creatively empower our fellow wellness practitioners, and in doing so support our mission to make the world a beautiful place.


Angela founded Good Karma Works on the belief that by supporting a network of other wellness warriors we are amplifying the global healing process and our collective ‘good karma’.

Being an active member of the international wellness community, Angela attracted many clients/entrepreneurs in the same sphere who were amazingly talented but lacked the branding and web presence to create a greater, meaningful impact.

The concept for Good Karma Works evolved naturally, as she saw that she not only had a knack for understanding what makes a great website, but how much her clients appreciate her intimate knowledge of their work and unique needs.

We want to see your business flourish

because when you succeed…we all succeed!

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