Good Karma Works

Web, Design and Branding for wellness professionals, by wellness professionals

Good Karma Works is a boutique agency that offers sophisticated web, design and branding services to the wellness community.

With our unique combination of expertise in wellness + design, we empower our fellow wellness entrepreneurs to make their dream business a reality, and in doing so support our mission to make the world a beautiful place.

Angela founded Good Karma Works on the belief that by supporting a network of other wellness warriors, her and her team are helping others to build careers with a higher purpose.

Being an wellness professional herself with a background in e-commerce, Angela attracted many clients in the industry who were amazingly talented healers but lacked the resources and knowledge to build their wellness businesses.

The concept for Good Karma Works evolved naturally, as Angela saw that she not only had a knack for breaking down the process of developing a brand or website, but how much her clients and her just ‘got each other’.


Trust in your wellness path

leave the design to us…

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