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Lisette, the founder and CEO of Collaboration Superpowers, is one of our favorite long-term clients, and we’ve been right by her side as she’s grown and evolved her business.

Our first project together was to redesign her personal website to highlight her amazing accomplishments as an author, facilitator and speaker, and to promote the re-release of her book. She was so in love with the results that she immediately asked us to rebrand and revamp her corporate website, Collaboration Superpowers.

“For the first time, I didn’t have to manage anything. Angela helped me decide how to architect and design my website for maximum impact which increased my sales within the first month.”


The Process:

Lisette came to us a month after COVID-19 hit; demand for her services had quadrupled overnight, but her brand and website needed a makeover. The first goal was to add a dose of professionalism to the look and feel, to reflect how the business had grown. Next, she wanted to segment her audience to be able to target her workshops sales for individuals, leaders and teams. Finally, the design and user interface would have to seamlessly integrate with her existing content and pages that would be refreshed over time.

A further challenge was to maintain the brand colors and logo as much as possible. This was a key point for Lisette, whose eccentric personality and love of classic rock is reflected in the bright and sunny tones of her site. Despite needing a more techie and business-savvy website, she wanted to make sure its essence remained recognizable.

This was a bit of a departure from the usual soft tones we use in wellness branding, but we loved every minute of it!

Our branding solution was to bring a modern twist to Collaboration Superpower’s existing palette while only slightly modifying the logo design. We selected a clean and legible sans-serif font complemented by playful pops of color and attention-grabbing yellow for the CTAs and buttons.

Collaboration Superpowers workshop web design
Collaboration Superpowers workshop graphic icons

Lisette’s primary goal for the website was to boost sales of the workshops led by her network of global facilitators, and we knew just how to get it done.

We created a more intuitive navigation by color-coding the primary sections: blue for workshops, green for resources, pink for podcasts.

We reinforced the visual identities of each workshop with custom line-art illustrations. And we revamped the content for each workshop, adding more details, a schedule, and strong calls to action to drive more workshop sales.

Lisette also wanted to grow her newsletter list through enticing lead magnet resources, and promote her incredible team of global facilitators. Her newsletter was already quite robust, with over 7,000 subscribers, and was her #1 marketing channel for selling workshops. We started by looking at her baseline web traffic data to identify the busiest areas of the site that could benefit from a lead funnel. Then we set up automated drip-marketing campaigns and strategically placed lead magnet forms on popular pages.

The final piece was to put a human face on it all by showcasing the team of professionals behind the brand’s high level of service.

To do so, we created an About page to tell the unfolding story of the business and highlight the people who make it happen.

The Results:

With the relaunch of Collaboration Superpower’s key pages, the site has seen an over 300% increase in page views compared to the previous year, as well as a 2,900% increase in workshop pageviews, and 30% growth in newsletter subscribers.

Thanks to the improved performance and SEO there was also a huge jump in organic traffic. Inquiries for workshops grew dramatically and the network of workshop facilitators increased by over 50%.



30% Growth in Newsletter List


Increase in workshop pageviews

Continued Collaboration:

Since the website was relaunched, we’re still working right alongside Collaboration Superpowers on strategy, graphic design, and optimizing the website’s UX/UI design. As the company continues to grow and pivot, our team will be there to provide improvements and tools tailored to the most profitable areas of the business.

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