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Kelly Haas is a healer in every sense of the word and a perfect example of someone who uses her website as an essential and adaptive business tool.

We are proud to support her growing yoga therapy venture every step of the way, helping her build and develop a strong communication channel with her audience.

“Angela and her team are exceptional at web design and branding for wellness professionals. Good Karma Works have their finger on the pulse of the global wellness industry, and patiently listen and creatively design based on their client’s vision.”


The Process:

Kelly’s number one mission was to rebrand and reposition from being an international traveling yoga teacher to a locally-based yoga therapist in New Orleans. She wanted to highlight her experience as a distinctive and highly proficient therapist offering adaptive yoga practices for individualized healing sessions, injury recovery and older populations. Kelly also wanted to drive sign-ups to her workshops, teacher trainings and private sessions.

Finally, she needed a new brand logo and imagery to reflect her shift from more traditional yoga into more therapeutic work.

Kelly had a very clear vision that she wanted her brand to be inspired by the warmth and beauty of nature. We drew deep greens and cool blues from the beach and the forest (Kelly’s favorite places to be), and chose a complementary golden hibiscus flower as her brand emblem.

This not only connects back to the nature theme, but represents the resilience and femininity of Kelly and her practice.

Our next step was to complement all this with a brand that would highlight and deepen her visitors´ understanding of what makes her so different and special. We did so by carefully naming Kelly’s unique offerings and matching each one with hand-selected images from Kelly’s photoshoots to give visitors a look inside.

From Adaptive Yoga for people with physical limitations to Conscious Living Yoga for the older population, Kelly has truly made yoga a practice for all.

We then worked closely with Kelly to develop a simple navigation that told her story and seamlessly directed users to book private appointments, public classes and sign up for events. We also guided her on some strategic video edits to draw attention to her gift for articulating cues and treating the body as a vessel for healing, while giving her audience a preview of her unique style.

Finally, we created a place where Kelly could communicate on a regular basis with her existing students, and attract new ones. We built an email sign-up section on the site, as well as a newsletter template she could use to offer value-added content to her audience and promote upcoming trainings, offers and events.

The Results:

Since we’ve been working with Kelly, she has seen tremendous growth in her yoga therapy business, led dozens of successful workshops and trainings and established herself as one of the top teachers in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. She has also seen newsletter contact list more than double over the last two years.

Continued Collaboration:

In addition to providing content updates and keeping her website secure and up-to-date through a monthly maintenance plan, we continue to work with Kelly on strategic consulting and adjustments to ensure she is achieving her objectives.

When COVID-19 hit, Kelly once again had to shift her business from in-person yoga sessions at her local studio to virtual classes. We were there as always to support her through this transition, updating the website to de-emphasize her events and trainings and focus more on her integrative private yoga business that had taken off during lockdown.

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