Web Maintenance Plan

Take care of your business. Leave your website’s wellness to us.

IT’S A FACT: your website requires some professional attention and care from time-to-time (just like your car).

We like to think of this plan as feeling like you’ve got an extra team member around. Feel supported not only during panic situations—like you accidentally erase your homepage, but for the small things too.

With our Web Maintenance Plan, you can rest easy knowing that your website’s wellness is in good hands.

Web Maintenance plans for wellness websites
Web health analytics report

01. The Why

Web maintenance explained

Proper web maintenance is like insurance for your website—without it, you leave yourself exposed to potentially costly problems that can jeopardize your business. With a small investment now, you can avoid major headaches down the road.

With our Web Maintenance Plan, you get that extra team member for a small fraction of the price.

You not only benefit from around-the-clock support, you get an amazing $35 off on our hourly agency rate for planning calls, design changes and content edits as your website grows with you.

02. The Full Package

Benefits of the plan

Discounted Hourly Support

Our hourly rate goes from $80 to $55/hr for web design updates, content changes or trainings

Updates and optimization

Behind-the-scenes peak of all theme, plugin & core WP updates

Monthly Health Report

Expert insights on the state of your site each month

Regular Backups

Scheduled backups, essentially copies of your website for a rainy day

Assistance if your website goes offline

A lifeline in case you accidentally break or erase a page or knock your website offline


Malware Monitoring

Monthly scans to protect your site from vulnerabilities & malware

Performance Enhancments

Optimize database to boost performance & page speed + contact form testing


SEO Assesment

Simple recommendations to improve your site for search

Premium Uptime Monitor

Premium tools that monitor your site and let us know in real time if it goes down

"I have relied on Angela to build, service, and maintain my web presence for years. She is a gem to work with!"


"Absolutely love, love, love the website, I am already sharing it and feel fully confident that I can start securing continuous work."


"Each month, I get an update on my website speed, health, and an overall picture of how my website is doing. This is a huge relief!"


"Having the maintenance plan gives me peace of mind that my website is functioning properly and the information is backed up."


Ready to have your website supported & maintained by professionals?



Keep your site and business running smoothly


Correct issues before they become major problems


Rely on an expert support team 24/7


Enjoy discounted rates for planning calls, design changes and content edits

03. How it Works

Select your plan

Commit to the annual plan and save 15% off (that’s $72 savings for the year)!


This plan will be billed as a recurring monthly invoice which you can set up credit card payment with automatic renewal.

Annual / $408

Save 15% by paying for an entire year (or 2 months free). This plan will be billed as a recurring annual payment.

CANCELATION POLICY: If you choose to cancel you just have to notify us one week before your next billing date.

Feel free to email us with any questions at [email protected].

04. FAQs

Your questions answered

What are the benefits of a Web Maintenance Plan?

Web Maintenance is like insurance for your site, covering you against any potential issues and preventing downtime. This ensures your site and your business can run smoothly. But our plans go even further, giving you an extra team member for continued support, and great discounts on design and content changes as you grow your website over time.

What does a website health report include?

Each month, you will receive a website health report that includes a summary of all updates and backups, data on performance and web traffic, scans for malware or malicious content, etc. Our clients find this super helpful to understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

Do I need to sign up right now or can I wait?

You can sign up whenever you want, though we strongly recommend doing so right at launch to ensure your site is problem-free from day one. However, if you choose to wait more than six months, there will be a $99 start-up fee so we can learn the layout, fix any incoming issues and get up to speed.

Do you bill for additional website edits seperately?

Yes, if you have requests to change or update your website content, we will bill you separately at an hourly rate which you should receive an invoice for at the end of the month. With our plan, you will receive a $35 discount any of this work—from $80/hr down to $55/hr—that’s huge!

What if I built the site myself or through another designer?

We are happy to provide all the same services for sites not built by us. However, there will be a $99 start-up fee so we can learn the layout, fix any incoming issues and get up to speed.

Is there a setup fee?

If we have recently built your website there is no start-up fee for our Web Maintenance Plan. But, if your website is more than six months old, or if it was built by someone other than Good Karma Works, there will be a $99 start-up fee so we can learn the layout, fix any incoming issues and get up to speed.

How can I cancel my plan?

Your Web Maintenance Plan will be set up as a recurring payment with automatic renewal. If you should ever choose to cancel, just notify us one week before the next billing date. There is no minimum commitment so you can cancel at anytime.

Can I switch from monthly to an annual plan?

Yes! You are free to start out on our monthly plan and the if it makes sense for your business, you can switch to an annual plan at anytime upon request.

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